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Find, Fix, Fill
Discover how you can find the right property, fix it at the right price, and fill it with the right tenant, for maximum profit with zero risk.

Saturday 4th March 9.30 to 4.30pm 
Heathrow, London

Do you want to make MORE MONEY, easily?

Do you want to get started in property investment, or already have one or two accidental investment properties and 
really want to learn how to 
grow a PROFITABLE portfolio?
Then the Find, Fix, Fill Workshop on 4th March is exactly what you need. 

Best of all, it's FREE!
At the Find, Fix, Fill Workshop I will share with you how six principles have enabled me to go from “Benefit mum to property millionaire” including finding the right deal and the right clients, fixing my clients problems for the right price, and making sure my properties and my business is full. If I can go from single mother and benefit tenant to owning a substantial property portfolio – and so CAN YOU! 

If that is not enough reason for you to 
come to hear what I have to say.
In the last six months, I have raised 
over £2.2million of investor finance.

During my time as a former university lecturer, I learned the art teaching and sharing my knowledge. In this one-day workshop, 
I will share practical tips to help you get started in property and take your portfolio to the next level – all for free, you don’t even have to pay for parking!
I am so grateful you took your time to listen to me, and to understand me, when we spoke at the lunch. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. I know that if you can so can I.
Therefore, I believe you are the right mentor for me.

– Debbie
Single mother, property investor, lost and lacking motivation or direction – but not now!
I work in accounts and I never thought about money the way you do. I know understand it is just a tool to help me get the life I want – I can believe it! I KNOW that I can get my first property now!

– Ruth
Previous wanna-be investor, scared and unsure, now confident!
Saturday 4th March, 9.30 – 4.30pm

Three strategies that will make you more money!

Three simple steps that will make you more money!

Find the right strategy, 

Find the right tenants, the right agent, or even JV investors, 

Find the right deal…

...that is how you make MONEY more easily! 

In the last 7 years I have bought over 63 properties for my family and clients. I have invested in buy to lets, HMOs and developments, Lease Options, rent to rent and assisted sales. Most importantly I have continued to make money even during the worst recession in recent memory.

1. Finding the right strategy for you is key to your success.

At the workshop I will share with you my analysis of various wealth generation strategies and help you understand what you need to focus on. Some “gurus” says you make money when you buy a property … no you don’t! You only make money when someone PAYS you!
WHO wants to make more money?

2. Find the right deal...

Property is not just a game for the rich. I have raised over five million pounds in investment funds. I understand the difference between leveraging money and wasting money. Every penny we spend on a refurbishment or renovation must return profit and PAY our WAGES

When we source a property for an investor we know how we will make money and make them money! We know what our tenants and investors want… do you?
Finding the right deal and then take 6 months to sell it or fill it... it's a fools game!
Know your tenant. Know your investor. Then find the right deals – where there is a demand and where you can make real money!

3. Fill it, flip it – make selling easy with credibility

Finding the right tenant, agent or JV investor is crucial. Having them come directly to you just makes SELLING EASY. This not only generates a profit but also the protects your investment. Getting investors and even estate agents to trust you is even more important. 
What is the one thing that has propelled my business success above all others?
My personal credibility – people know me, like me and trust me and I will show you how I became known as one of the UK’s top 25 most influential people in property… and how that – again – made selling easy!

You need the right tenant, agent or investor NOW to make more money more easily

3. Filling it with the right tenants – 8 reasons to buy from you

Finding the right tenant is crucial, not only to generate a profit but also the protect your investment. Getting investors, clients and even estate agents to trust you is even more important. My business success is directly attributable to my personal credibility – are you credible and credit-able.

This event is perfect for you if:

You are thinking about investing in property and want to get started

You already have a property or three, 
but want to make more money from property.

You are scared of making a mistake.

You don’t believe you have enough money to invest in property.

And, most all if:

You want to take control of your financial future, and live the life you want!
Over the last 7 years I have discovered a system that minimises risk and focuses solely on how to make property profitable

In just the last six months I have bought 14 properties for clients and spent £849,000 of £2.2 million funds.

I will be sharing our proven business strategy which ensures I buy the right property in the right location, 
for the right tenant, at the right time, for the investment model with the right team.

Seating will be limited and there will be no hard-selling you regarding my next course. 

I want to help you become more successful, more financially free, more prepared for your financial future.

So quite simply, if you have thought of investing in property and don’t know where to start – book a ticket now!

If you have been to loads of courses and still not got started – book a ticket NOW!

If you have a couple of properties and don’t know what to do next – but want to do something – book a ticket now!

Why wait? What are you waiting for? The right time is now!
Saturday 4th March, from 10am till 4.00’ish
Doors open at 9.30am!
Frequently Asked Questions:
When and Where: The event is being held at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel on the Bath Road near Heathrow Airport, London. Saturday 4th March from 10am to 4pm stay and network. Registration starts at 9.30am. I've even arranged for you to park for free at the hotel – saving £15 per day!

What makes you an expert in property investment? 
I started investing in 2008 and build our family portfolio before moving on to help friends and then clients.

By 2010 I had set up both my property sourcing and property training companies and was writing my first book. In 2013 the Telegraph named me as one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in Property. I have helped thousands of people understand how property can make a difference in their lives and what strategies will work for them personally.

I work with a small number of wealthy private clients, sourcing them cash-flowing property. I have a small group of mentees that I work closely with, some are now my business partners working with me on larger development projects.

And of course, tens of thousands of people have heard me speak and read my books!

This event is design to give you practical advice on the day!
Help you identify what is most critical for you now.
Prove that you can make money from property investment.
Show you how to create a successful property business.
How to start with low or little cash, but plenty of energy.
Help you make more money more easily.
Make selling easy – get clients come direct to you pre-sold.

Above all, take control and live the life you want, be master of your destiny.

There is no hard sell, NO pitch fest, just sore hands as you take pages of notes!
What kinds of results are the people you work with getting?
£36,000 in one year, working just one day per week 
By the end of my first year working with Vicki I reduced my hours at work so I could get 2 afternoons off a week to view properties. Within 12 months I had earned an additional £36,000 Even so I could not have imagined that two years later Vicki and I are working on a hotel conversion together! 
– Bella King

£250,000 in Profit
With Vicki’s help I have continued to focus on my relocation business, while buying three buy to let properties. I am just finishing my first development that will result in another three cash flowing flats with none of my own money left in and a healthy £250,000 capital profit – not bad for a single mother! 
– Shareen Sinclair

£54,000 a Year 
That’s my total net income from property. I have achieved more in the last 12 months working with Vicki than in the last 11 years. 
– Ross Tulloch
Meet our Team for the Event!

Charlie Wusche
Although, I am Vicki’s daughter I have been involved in property from helping do developments, to visiting stinky houses. I have worked alongside Vicki for nearly five years, managing the marketing and events. I know how property investment can change a life. I don’t want to actively invest – I am training to be a Doctor and property is paying my tuition and living costs! 

Bella King
I found out about Vicki on the internet… I was terrified but rang her anyway – she was lovely. She kindly agreed to meet and that was summer 2012. I became her mentee, and as I started to make more money from property than ever before (£36,000 while working part-time) – we became business partners. I consider her my mentor, friend, partner and fellow Mermaid.

Lila Hall
I heard Vicki speak in winter 2015. I did not start working with her as my mentor until Spring 2016. I can’t believe it’s only been a year. With Vicki’s support I have regained my confidence and now it’s me you will speak to when arranging meetings with Vicki. We are just about to start a major development and I have never been more excited. From single mum to developer in just over a year, that’s quicker than Vicki!

Bob Parsons
I am The Lovely Bob you often hear about. Most of the time Vicki keeps me in a box somewhere and just drags me out for events … not really. We are a great team. She shops for houses and spends money and I make her explain every investment to me. While she is the chatty hugging one I am the listener and the rock on which I am happy or her to lean.

Ross and Agustina
I started with Vicki back in 2015 I think. It did not take long for Vicki to get me moving and I achieved me in property in the first 12 months with her than I had in the last 11 years. Last year Agustina my wife became actively involved in our property business. With Vicki’s help we are managing our own HMOs and our first development … well Agustina is – I have a full time job … for now.

Karin Von Arx
I am also international a Swiss accountant based in Australia. I have monthly finance meetings with Vicki to ensure we are managing the business from a financial basis. And I pay everyone’s wages!

Joan Swaine
I provide the all-important accountancy role. I am on hand for financial questions and love Vicki and her business as her returns are always in months early!

Carol Cheesman
I am the face behind the tax advice. I think I have met and now work with most of Vicki’s mentees. Offering tax advice, wills of course and now the ever more important company structure advice. 

Jay Rooney and Michael McClatchey
We are Vicki’s broking team. We understand her business and are her to help with financing tricky deals. New finance rules keep us on our toes and we keep Vicki and her clients up to date.

Sarah Miles
As Vicki’s conveyancer I know the importance of staying on top of a deal through to completion. With the help of the broking team we make sure we get deals over the line.

Christopher Burgon
I help Vicki and her clients when they have contractual issues. Resolving disagreements before the get out of hand is my core skill. 

Tiffany Kemp
If you use me and my team you won’t need Christopher. Getting contracts right, and into simple English avoids mistakes and mis-communication – which is key.

This event is design to give you practical advice on the day!
Help you identify what is most critical for you now.
Prove that you can make money from property investment.
Show you how to create a successful property business.
How to start with low or little cash, but plenty of energy.
Help you make more money more easily.
Make selling easy – get clients come direct to you pre-sold.

Above all, take control and live the life you want, be master of your destiny.

There is no hard sell, NO pitch fest, just sore hands as you take pages of notes!

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